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BluWater™ Marine Construction is a subsidiary of CMMC N.V., a renowned marine management consulting company founded by Jeffery D. Boyd in 1995. With years of experience managing marinas around the world, BluWater™ Marine Construction provides expertise in all aspects of marine construction, clean up, salvage, and boat lift sales and installation. BluWater™ Marine Construction inherits this rich legacy and continues to offer high quality services to its clients, supported by the expertise and experience of its parent company.

In 2009, Mr. Boyd parted ways with IGY and formed and incorporated MMC N.V., Marine Management & Consulting firm focused completely on the design, construction, and management of mega yacht marinas. Since its founding, MMC N.V. has successfully completed various phases of design, construction, marketing, and management for the following Caribbean marinas; Yacht Club Isle de Sol, Yacht Club Port de Plaisance, Yacht Club at Porto Cupe Coy, Portofino Marina, etc.


Our team has extensive experience, education, and expertise in the marine construction industry.


We are dedicated to giving back to the community through volunteer work, & charitable donations.


We are committed to delivering top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.


We use new technologies and processes to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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